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10-08-2013 95 years-old Rune Haraldsson acclaimed at the long distance final in Sagnalonga

Cesana-Claviere August 10th - A great finals under a beautiful sun in Sagnalonga, Monti della Luna, with many spectators got into chairlift to applaud the Orienteering athletes on the final day of the Masters World Championship.

Among the top athletes on arrival, in older categories, to draw attention to the public, Rune Haraldsson, 95 years-old from Sweden, the oldest competitor of the World Masters Games of Turin 2013.

The super master seemed exhausted after the banner of arrival but found the breath for a declaration to the many fans who were cheering: "Surely this was my best day in WMOC, these are very satisfied with my performance in this event that has managed to move me. But I am ready to do better next year in Brazil ".

At the finish line also the Olympic champion, downhill skiing, Swiss Peter Muller. "For me the orienteering was an amazing discovery, I invite all fans of the sport to practice." Peter Muller has participated in two Olympics, Sarajevo in 1984 and Calgary in 1988, in both silver in downhill. Winner of the World Cup Downhill in 1979, 1980 and 1982. He retired from racing in 1992 and today practice Orienteering.

Among the Italians the best result for Roland Pin, in the category M35, arrived 11th.

Satisfaction of the President of the Organizing Committee Franco Capra: "We have done our best to ensure a great hospitality to these athletes – said Capra – our invitation is to return next summer to train in our mountains before leaving for the Master of Orienteering in Brazil”.

At the end of March 2015 Olympic Mountains will host the alpine and Nordic discipline of the World Winter Masters Games.

For information about sports scores of World Masters Orienteering Championship. Press Office of FISO, Federazione italiana sport orientamento, Peter Ilarietti, t. 4993156 347. Website: www.fiso.it

10-08-2013 Final Long Photo

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09-08-2013 LONG FINAL

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09-08-2013 VIDEO 9/8/2013

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08-08-2013 An old woman rescued in the river in San Sicario, during Long Distance race

Yesterday so scared for one episode fortunately ended in the best way. At the end of the first day of the long, a woman disappeared: P*** S***, 81-year-old Finnish woman, the mother of one of the competitors. Taken immediately relief efforts, the woman was found by rescue team Patrick De Micheli and Renzo Buffa of SPS Via Lattea: it was lost in the woods at 800 meters from the Biathlon Stadium and had fallen into a river and couldn't get up. Immediately rescued by the WMOC medical services, in the evening was declared out of danger. "So scared but no problem at the end – said the coordinator of medical services, Dr. Simone Di Giorgi – luck that our team of SPS have recovered, if she should have spent the night in the river today would have been found dead. We dried and kept a couple of hours in observation for the risk hypothermia. Now is good. "

Tomorrow day of training in Claviere-La Cloche and Saturday the final in Sagnalonga, Monti della Luna. The final starts at 10 A.M. and access is permitted from Cesana-Sagnalonga, from the lifts of Cesana. In the evening, always on Saturday 10 August, awards and closing ceremony starting at 19 in Sestriere.

The ceremony will be characterized by the exchange of flags between the President of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC Franco Capra and Mayor of Canela, the Brazilian city that will host the World Master Orienteering in 2014, Cleo Port.

"Canela is a town of 40,000 inhabitants of southern Brazil with 6 million tourists a year – he told the Mayor of Canela Cleo Port, today at San Sicario – 830 metres above sea level, is surrounded by mountains and rivers, ideal conditions for the practice of Orienteering".

The event will be from 1 to November 8, 2014 (at the height of summer in Brazil): "Congratulations to the Organization of the Olympic Mountains WMOC – said Paulo Calisto Becker, President of the Organizing Committee of Canela 2014 – I found excellent logistics, transport, hospitality of these mountains. Race routes were tough, for our ascent will be milder, we do not have your mountains. We have brought with us from the two mappers to study maps of these races, made very well and very precise". 35 Brazilian athletes are competing for WMOC 2013.

A positive comment on the organization of and the splendid locality WMOC that hosted this Championship came from President of FISO, Federazione italiana sport orientamento, Mauro Gazzerro. "We were lucky enough to host these Championships on beautiful mountains already stage the Winter Olympics – said Gazzerro – I am proud that with more than three thousand athletes – a sixth of all participants in the WMG – our sport is by far the largest number of subscribers to this edition of the Word Master Games of Turin 2013”.

07-08-2013 First day of Long Distance in San Sicario

The day was characterized by the fog and some rain, but the orienteers are accustomed to this climate, most comes from Sweden, Finland and Russia, as the group of eighty: 92 enrollees to 2013 WMOC over eighty years.
The 92 eighty along with the other 2,600 athletes competed today for the first day of Long Distance qualifications. Tomorrow in San Sicario with arrival at the Biathlon Stadium there will be the second days of run: Friday a day's break with the training in Claviere-La Cloche, and the final Saturday August 10 to Monti della Luna, in Cesana Torinese.
A race defined by the majority of the athletes hard, appreciated for the beautiful route through the woods of San Sicario, but hampered by hillsides made slippery by rain.
The atmosphere was very festive, with Biathlon Stadium transformed into a colorful camp with tents and flags of the athletes of the 45 participating countries from all over the world.

07-08-2013 WMOC Medical Services

From first-day there has been an average of 50 medications and treatments of various diseases, during every days of competition and training: "We treated abrasions, removal of foreign bodies as splinters of wood, large thorns, but also dislocated the lower limbs and some allergic episodes", said Dr. Di Giorgi. “The most serious case was that of a companion of an athlete who was diagnosed with a possible risk of heart attack, which was transported to the Hospital of Rivoli in observation. Also some ankle fractures among athletes in the race. Are over 250 medical interventions performed from the first day of the World Cup Saturday 2 August.

A precious collaboration with medical services comes from the Alpine Taurinense Brigade: "We work with three relief-center tends. We have at our disposal an first aid ambulance of the Italian Army”, said the Alpine Brigade Taurinense Lieutenant Giorgio Gambelli. We also provide transportation of athletes and volunteers with two buses and six off-road transport for the needs of the organization. On this event works 20 soldiers".

On the race tracks, as in the winter ski slopes, operate rescue specialists of the SPS Via Lattea.

A special thanks by the Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC goes to the Italian Army, doctors of Comes Emergenza, SPS Via Lattea and Dr. Danilo Bono, head of the Operational Center of 118 Torino. The technical-sanitary equipment and defibrillators were donated by 3B srl Philps Healthcare, to whom goes a warm thanks for their generosity.

06-08-2013 VIDEO WMOC 2013



WMOC 2013- PRAGELATO - 4 August

05-08-2013 Pragelato

Photoalbum from Consorzio Sestriere

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Training day tomorrow for the 2,600 athletes registered and from Wednesday, shooting with long distance races in San Sicario. The final 10 in Sestriere Saturday. Yesterday, Sunday 4th the Sprint qualification in Pragelato, in a sunny day very apreciated by athlets, who thanks organization for the good field of play.

05-08-2013 Sprint Medal Ceremony

August 5th in Piazza Fraiteve in Sestriere has been held the medal ceremony for Sprint. 23 medals were awarded: 13 for men from M35 category to M95 (Gold at the Swedish Rune Haraldsson, the oldest athlet of the World Master Games 2013) and 10 for women from M35 to M80 category. At the medal ceremony was present the representant of IOF Lazlo Zentai and the president of FISO Ezio Paris, together with the president of the


The parade of the athletes by the 45 participating countries was accompanied by the notes of the band of Ana Valsusa. Arrived in Piazza Fraiteve attended the flag-raising and the greeting of the President of Organizing Committee Franco Capra and the representative of the IOF Lazlo Zentai. It was also revealed wooden sculpture dedicated to Orienteering in the world, created by master sculptor Carlo Piffer. The ceremony ended with a concert by the Banda Musicale di Villar Perosa followed by "Welcome Party" at the Sports Palace.


WMOC2013 has dedicated medical assistance
What to do if you need medical assistance:
- During the competitions: go to the closest assistance point where the WMOC2013 staff will call the doctor or the medical assistance you need by radio.
(There will be several points of assistance at each event)

- At any other time (training, night, ….) call nationally emergency number 118 or the WMOC2013 doctor on +39 331 2978037

24-07-2013 Compass Moscompass

Compass Moscompass with symbolics WMOC 2013!
Capsules of models Stable, Super-Stable and Universal are made.
Technical characteristics can be found out on website www.moscompass.eu
On this website there will be possibility to make the advanced order.

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24-07-2013 Record of countries at WMOC 2013

There will be 2,603 athlets at the Word Master Orienteering Championships on the Olympic Mountains from 2 to 10 August, and 288 who will compete at the under 35 demonstrative event, the North West Cup, for a total of 2,891 athletes from 45 countries.

45 countries represented: this is a record for a World Master Orienteering Championship. Last year in Bad Harzburg in Germany the Nations represented were 43, in 2011 in Hungary were 42, in Switzerland in 2010 were 43, in 2009 in Australia and 32 in 2008 in Portugal 39.

Satisfaction was expressed to the Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC from IOF, The International Orienteering Federation, by David May, the ISO Senior Event Advisor for Wmoc 2013

27-06-2013 Interview with Chiara Ramorino, an Italian legend of Orienteering

Q: When do you start to practice this Orienteering, tell us about you approach to discipline and why?
A: In 1967 two ENEA researchers spent a few months in Sweden to work, met Orienteering and returned excited about this sport. In that time they organized some races around the the Casaccia Research Centre (near Anguillara). So the ENEA Orienteering Championship was born: we played every Friday (during lunch) in the countryside around the Casaccia with IGM to 25,000 maps in black and white. Of course the championship was restricted only to those worked at ENEA-Casaccia and participants, from 3 or 4 of the first year, became more than 40 over the next ten years. A colleague convinced me to try this sport for the first time in 1974 and I nevermore left to practice. I think, since then, to have skipped just few races. In 1980 I became President of Enea Casaccia, Cral Orienteering section, and I decided it was the time to come out of our shell and begin to participate in races of North Italy where, in meanwhile, the sport was officially introduced. So I began to race all over Italy.

Q: Which are your best results in Orienteering?
A: Six Italian titles in foot. An Italian title in ski. An Italian title mountain bike. Silver Medal at the Master Championships in Pécs W80 (Hungary 2011). A first place in a 5 days international in Italy and another one in a 6 days in France.

Q: The philosophy of Orienteering: sport or lifestyle?
A: Orienteering is a beautiful and complete sport . First, as he told Vladimir Pàcl
(the official importer of sport in Italy): "Orienteering is nice because it does move legs
and the brain ". Takes place mainly I the middle of woods, almost always allowing you to enjoy the nature in all seasons (happen to see meadows of flowers like cyclamens, bucaneve, or hawthorn bushes in blossom, and wild orchids, edelweiss and so on). It is very instructive because it teaches how to make decisions, to overcome obstacles of all kinds (various animals, overcoming of barbed wires, crossing rivers), and finally teaches how to fend for themselves. If you practice Orienteering you doesn't have fear to go around alone, not only in woods, but even in cities or places unknown. According to me is a great school of life especially for young.

Q: How young people can get closer to the sport?
A: Nowadays there are many schools that practise orienteering. Anyway just contact the FISO's or a International level the IOF websites and you have all the information. The limit in this sports, especially for the very young, is that to take part in competitions not organized by schools, they have to be accompanied by parents in the places where the events take place (which most times are out of town) and not always the parents accept the fact of having to sacrifice the weekend to do sport. However, when this happens, it is often the parents who also love Orienteering
most of their children and in this case we see whole families who, each in their own category, practice Orienteering. And this is the best thing for our sport.

Q: What could be the protagonists in Sestiere at WMOC 2013, Italians and foreigners?
A: For foreigners I can't answer because I don't know them. For the Italians, I do not think there are many chances of podium, although I only know participants in older categories. I can quote Licia Kalcich and Cristina Chiettini in category W 65 that I know they are very strong. My goals, admitted that I may participate (not sure yet) are not very ambitious. I had and still have trouble with a knee.. In addition with old age concentration is the obstacle with which I struggle. Recently, I wasn't able to make races without at least a couple of errors and so the ambitions should be abandoned. I would just stay in the middle top of the leaderboard even as now the ultra eighties are always at least twenty and among them there are always some “monsters”.


12-06-2013 ALBERTO CIRIO'S WELCOME "Assessore al Turismo della Regione Piemonte"

It is with pleasure that we welcome all Orienteering fans that will meet this summer, in Piedmont, on the occasion of the World Masters Games 2013.
Perhaps there is no better sport to get truly in touch with the authentic soul of our mountain, with the beauty of its landscapes, the evocative atmosphere of the woods.
And to test the summits already ride by the greatest champions of the snow will surely be an emotion for athletes of all ages who gather in our beautiful Olympic Valleys from every part of the world.
To all of them our warm welcome, sure that the hospitality of Sestriere, Cesana, Claviere, Pragelato and Bardonecchia will be the brightest star in this amazing experience!

Alberto Cirio
Assessore all’Istruzione, Sport e Turismo
della Regione Piemonte

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11-06-2013 Maps updated for the WMOC 2013

IOF Senior Event Adviser David May and National Controller Francesco Giandomenico spent the first week of June in Sestriere completing final checks on courses and maps, helping to ensure that all would be ready on time for the first week in August. All competition terrains were visited and many control sites were checked as well.

“It was a privilege to be out in such beautiful terrain”, said David May, “with only marmots, mountain hares and deer for company! The terrain for the Long Final is truly of world class and will test competitors’ orienteering skills to the full. The Qualification terrain has very fast running and high visibility, but appearances can be deceptive and runners will need to keep in contact with the map as relocation will be difficult at times. The change in Sprint venues also enhances the package and the organisers are confident that the overall programme will easily match the normal high standards of WMOC.”

All course setters and controllers were in Sestriere at the same time, catching up on time which had been lost to this year’s late snow (some control sites were still under several metres, even now!), whilst the time was also being used in updating all the competition maps. The logistics team was working hard too, covering all aspects of the competition from medical facilities to transport arrangements.

Work on preparation of Bulletin 2 is well under way and competitors should receive all the details they need at the beginning of July.

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10-06-2013 President of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC INTERVIEW

Franco Capra, Mayor of Claviere, is the President of the Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC. His experience as Mayor of an Olympic City during the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006 is a valuable contribution in the organization of this important international event involving the Olympic Mountains.

Q: Mr. President, working for an international event of this importance makes essential a great union of forces over the territory?
A: The Olympic Mountain Cities, since the first moments of the organization of the Olympic Games of Torino 2006, are accustomed to working together and for this event we were promptly put to work in great harmony between private and public,among municipalities, hotels, ski clubs, touristic operators, all of us aware of the importance of this World Championship and of the relevance that may have on our territory.

Q: A territory that we can say has both logistical and receptive skills and human resources to organize as best as possible the WMOC 2013?
A: Certainly, the Olympic Mountains offer hospitality entertainment of great level, housing options for all needs but always with great attention to quality, culture and traditions, leisure and sports facilities. And Olympic heritage makes us competitive also in terms of human resources that live in these mountains and even on this occasion there are precious to organize and operate, as always, all in the best possible way.

Q: So we can say a “Gold medal staff”?
A: Yes, without any doubts. The Organizing Committee of the 2013 WMOC is joined by technical staff of the highest level, which I would like to thank you for the work they are doing. In particular I want to mention one name for all: the Event Manager Francesco Rustichelli. Are plenty of those to thank for the enthusiasm and passion: in one word I can say "Volunteers", of which a fundamental part is constituted by the alpine troops of the Italian Army “Alpini”, soldiers and veterans.

Q: Orienteering is a kind of new sport in Italy and for the Olympic Mountains, according to you which could be the reaction of the territory?
A: The welcome to the athletes of Orienteering will be, as always, with open arms. I want to thank the hotels of the territory for the precious help that they decided to give the Organizing Committee with the purchase of the bracelet that will be given to each athlets and their staff to take advantage of discounts and services dedicated to them during their stay in the Olympic Mountains and in Turin and its province. I can say with pleasure that our hotels are an important part of the organization.

Q: Do you think you will have a territorial return of image thanks to the WMOC 2013?
A: Yes I do. Firstly because I am sure that the beauty of our mountains will be appreciated and so the organization and hospitality and I hope this can stimulate the will of our friends and their families to return to the Olympic Mountains not only in summer but also in winter. And then I think this event will bring many Italians to appreciate this beautiful sport, in contact with nature, and, at different levels, suitable for everyone. And the inclusion of this event within the World Masters Games of Torino 2013 will give a huge notoriety to Orienteering throughout Italy.

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05-06-2013 North West Cup

4 days competitions for the North West Cup during the WMOC 2013. The public event will be held on the same fields of play of the WMOC: two sprint events on August 4th and 5th e and two long distance competitions August 7th and 8th.

The categories are: open beginner, open, M12, W12, M14, W14, M16, W16, M21K, W21K, M21A, W21A.

29-05-2013 Invitation to an IOF Foot Orienteering Event Advisers’ Clinic

Invitation to an IOF Foot Orienteering Event Advisers’ Clinic
Sestriere, Italy, Tuesday 6th August 2013
in conjunction with WMOC 2013
This Event Advisers’ Clinic is organised for the education and recruitment of new IOF licensed Foot Orienteering Event Advisers.
National orienteering federations are asked to identify and enter suitable candidates.

outline of the clinic

27-05-2013 WMOC 2013: visit of the Ukrainan cartographers

They will stay in Sestriere, from May 27st to June 9th the Ukrainan cartographers who the WMOC 2013 Organizing Committee called to update the maps of the World Master Orienteering Championship 2013's field of plays, in Alta Valle Susa. They are working on the urban maps of Pragelato, Sestriere, Bardonecchia, Sansicario, Cesana Monti della Luna and Claviere, where the Long races will be held.
With them, from June 1st to 9th, David May, IOF Senior Event Advisor and Francesco Giandomenico, FISO National Controller.
At this stage, the organizers are proceeding to track and control all the race courses. For the World Championship, about 30km squares of new maps have been made.
The Long Final will be held at the Monti della Luna (9.5 sq km). The map of the Monti della Luna touches an altitude of 2,387 meters, and it is the highest area of Italy which has been mapped for orienteering, and it is among the highest in the Europe! In this area, have been mapped about 200 small holes and depressions; 150 summits, over 1500 stones (1300) and rock walls (300) and more than 1000 isolated trees big or small. Even the location of Cesana Sansicario (13.5 sq km) has been mapped: 150 between holes and small depressions; 180 summits; over 1000 between stones (350) and rock walls (700) and more than 3000 trees isolated large and small.

16-05-2013 SPRINT venues

The SPRINT competition venues have been changed.
We are working on bulletin's new version!

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14-05-2013 VISA

Sent to the relevant embassies the Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians competitor's list at 13/5/2013 with a description of the event and the FISO declaration that WMOC 2013 is an international competition.
You have to request VSU (Uniform Schengen Visa) visa type C.
For more information visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

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07-05-2013 mountain safari + dinner

Wildlife watching with dinner at altitude!
Departure 6 p.m. and return at 11 p.m. by jeep and wildlife experts. Group min 10 - max 20 people.
Menu': 4 local appetizers, grilled meats with vegetables, dessert and coffee'; drinks included
costs 40 eu, 15% discount for those who have the wristband!
Every day, lunch at Chisonetto with 15% discount for owners of wirstband!

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15-04-2013 Accommodation

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