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Sprint Final disqualification

A few competitors at Pragelato were seen passing through forbidden (“out of bounds”) areas and saving some time as a result. They also caused the owners of the properties they passed through to be very unhappy as they had not given permission for their land to be entered.

In order to be fair to competitors who had taken “legal” but longer routes, the organisers decided that control marshals at the Sprint Final in Sestriere would note the bib numbers of any competitor who went out of bounds, crossed “impassable” barriers such as walls, etc, and to photograph them too, to provide evidence in case of a dispute. This decision was publicised widely in advance.

Unfortunately, some 46 competitors were observed taking “illegal” routes and all have been disqualified from the results (“disq” appears alongside their name in the results).

It should be noted that it is the competitor’s responsibility to know what the (ISSOM) Sprint map symbols mean before they compete.

If you can include a specimen photo showing a competitor jumping a wall, that would add to the impact ...

David May SEA

WMOC2013 Sprint Result


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